Builders' Association of India

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The Builders Association of India

(B.A.I.) was started in 1941 in Pune, Maharashtra, primarily with the encouragement given by Brig. Jackson of Military Engg., Service. The Builders Association of India has its Headquarters at Mumbai and has its Centers at 95 Locations in the Country. And is a member of International Federation of Asian Western Pacific Contractors Association (IFAWPCA)

Aims & Objectives

The aims & objectives of the Builders Association of India Inter-alia are

  • To promote and foster feelings of Unity
  • To advise and assist members in technical and legal matters
  • Co-operation and mutual help and to eliminate unfair trade practices- and unhealthy competition among its members
  • To improve and elevate the technical knowledge of persons engaged in the industry and to conduct seminars, exhibitions and conventions to update the knowledge of members with the ever changing and improving construction methodologies.
  • The Builders Association of India has taken upon itself the duty of honoring the Construction workers, the back-bone of the profession on a day in October every year by presenting them with gifts and having dinner with them.
  • The Builders Association of India, Southern Centre, located at Chennai, imparts training to semi-skilled workers to become skilled workers in all fields like Masons. Plumbers, bar benders, etc., are imparted in the training jointly run (with the internationally famous ANNA UNIVERSITY) AU-BAI Training Institute at Guindy Engineering College Campus.
  • Most of our members are involved in the creation of the land marks of the City of Chennai, the latest being Tidel Park, Nehru Stadium, Sir Visweswarayya Tower and Many Software Campuses, Viz., Tata consultancy Services, Xansa (India) etc.
  • These apart, Our Centre realizing its social obligations, has and is continuously conducting many health check-up camps to the workers, has donated self-help trolleys to the Central Railway Station, has donated Chairs to the Government General Hospital for use of blood-donors and has donated tree guards to the Corporation.
  • We can claim, with our humbleness, that we have done our part at times of natures fury and disasters like the Earthquake (Maharashtra) where our Association has constructed some earth-quake proof houses, the Gujarat earth quake where one of our members did an exemplary job in the clearance of debris and restoring Buildings.

Mission & Achievements

  • BAI represents various committees formed by the state & Central Government and offer valuable suggestions / reforms for the betterment of the construction industry.
  • BAI Southern Centre has represented CMDA Second Master Plan Committee and helped the government bring it out successfully. BAI Southern Centre has sought and got the power for Local Planning Authority to sanction plans in respective areas
  • BAI Southern Centre has been instrumental for incorporation of Price variation Clause in contract documents of various works authorities. It also represents Schedule of Rates Committee and strives to get fair prices
  • BAI Southern Centre has Successfully taken up with the government and got a G.O, for the use of manufactured sand in govt. works as an alternative for river sand.
  • BAI is propagating adoption of a ‘ unified standard equitable contract document’, based on FIDIC conditions by all work authorities.
  • BAI was’ instrumental in starting National Institute of Construction Management and Research ( NICMAR). Which gas established campuses at pune, Delhi and Hyderabad and is soon likely to get the status of a deemed university.
  • BAI started Overseas Construction Council of India ( OCCI) now known as project Export Promotion council of India (PEPCI), which through its members, initiates manpower export to Gulf countries and brought in a lot of foreign remittance, PEPCI is now actively pursuing project export in its various formats under the aegis of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.
  • BAI creates awareness among members regarding Works Contract Tax, Service Tax, etc. and agitates against the menace of taxation. In the matter of Sales Tax on Works Contracts, consequent to 46th Amendment to Constitution, all State Governments were interpreting such amendments. BAI filled a write Petition and the Supreme Court correctly explained the power of State Governments pursuant to the 46th amendment and cleared all uncertainties and doubts.
  • Fighting relentlessly against the applicability of the provident fund provisions to the casual and temporary construction workers, BAI has been petitioning the govt. to see reason and has been suggesting ways and means to successfully implement the provident Fund provisions in such a way that intended benefit reaches the casual and temporary construction workers, who are mostly illiterate and mainly migratory in nature. A government of India – formed sub-committee has seen reason in BAI’s line of thinking and the Central provident Fund Commissioner is expected to come out with a comprehensive workable solution.
  • BAI has been fighting for unified Labour Law for the construction workers so that targeted group gets the benefits properly.
  • BAI represented to the Government of India and got excise waiver on precast items made in site and service tax warrior on road maintenance.
  • BAI brings to the notice of the Government the problems/grievances of the contractors / builders and fights to the redress them. BAI galvanized the builders and contractors into raising their voice, when cement and steel prices went through the sky, arising out of cartelization by the respective manufactures. Proper presentation of facts at appropriate forums arrested the galloping prices. Recently BAI filed a petition with Competition Commission Of India ( CCI ) and exposed the cartel formed by the leading cement companies. CCI imposed a fine of over Rs. 6300 Crores on them.
  • BAI Southern Centre has Successfully put as end to the recovery of 0.3% Labour Welfare CESS from the PWD. Highways & CPWD contractors and instead made the government pay it.
  • To avoid delay in providing new Electricity Connections, BAI Southern Centre has successfully taken up with the Tamilnadu Electricity Regulatory commission and got an order for permitting the consumers in building / house to use their own meters.
  • Through its monthly journal, ‘ Indian Construction’, which is in its 45th year of publication, BAI provides latest and useful information to its members throughout the country. BAI Southern Centre also publishes a monthly journal ‘ Southern Builder’ to familiarize member with in – house news and contemporary matters and technology development in construction Industry.
  • BAI Southern Centre conducts seminars & meeting to discuss burning problems of members. To develop skills and raise the quality in construction BAI conducts various training programmes for workmen, supervisors, engineers, tec. BAI southern Centre has formed a Training Centre in the Campus of ‘Anna university’ and has been issuing certificates after proper training.
  • BAI Southern Centre Periodically publishes Technical Data and Builders’ guide to disseminate information among builders and engineers.
  • BAI conducts State and all India conventions regularly and holds technical sessions on various topics. In the recent past BAI Southern Centre has conducted three All India Conventions in which Vice President, Prime Minister and galaxy of central / state Ministers participated
  • BAI Southern Centre identifies outstanding contractors / builders every year and honors them in glittering function. BAI celebrates ‘Builders Day’ every year to honor the workers by giving gifts, conducting medical camps, etc. and encourage students by conducting oratorical competition, easy competition etc.
  • BAI Southern Centre has promoted ‘ Southern Builders Charitable Trust’ to help the needy and poor.
  • BAI is an affiliate of the International Federation of Asia and Western pacific Contractors’ Association ( IFAWPCA) IFAWPCA in turn is affiliates to confederation of International Contractors’ Associations (CICA), the world body of contractors and builders. While IFAWPCA has a consultative oraganisation status with Asian Development Bank, CICA has a similar status with the world Bank.
  • BAI has a seat as an observer to the Annual Meeting of Asian Development Bank.
  • BAI is also affiliated to many national organizations, directly or indirectly connected to the construction industry, This facilities exchange of thoughts, ideas and views.
  • BAI is one of the founder member of Construction Industry Development Council (formed by planning commission)
  • BAI representative is included in the working group on construction in the formulation of Eleventh Year plan ( 2007- 2012).

Mission & Achievements

BAI’s Vision

BAI’s Vision

  • To Promote and foster feelings of brotherhood, unity, co-operation, mutual trust and to eliminate unhealthy competition amongst the contractors fraternity.
  • To build public confidence in the construction industry by advocating ethics in the business through transparency and accountability.
  • To establish healthy and cordial relationship between the client, the contractor and the end-user, so that all construction projects are completed without any time or cost over – runs.
  • To interact with government bodies like state public works department and the central public works department to modernize methods and specifications of works towards ensuring suitable work ethics in the industry and standardization will ensure uniformity in execution of constructions jobs.
  • To achieve highest standards of efficiency and quality by adopting methodology which could be derived from both Indian and international standards with a view to making the construction sector competitive in domestic as well as international markets.
  • To ensure that contractors adopt methods which are environment – friendly like use of pre-engineered and pre-manufactured products, seeking interalia tax concessions on the same from the Government.
  • To not only regulate safety procedures and issue guidelines for minimizing loss of life or property at construction sites but also to enhance welfare of workers.
  • To develop linkages with other industry and trade associations, chambers of Commerce, Federations etc., to enhance the value of its services to members. It shall network with international bodies and gain global presence for its members.
  • To regard workers and technicians as the key resource for construction industry. It shall support and establish training institutions to train workers and technicians.